Why Hospitals Are Being Increasingly Targeted by Cyberattacks

Acacia Hernandez| August 15, 2023 7:43

ISSA Chicago's CISO Robert Wagner, was recently interviewed by WTTW, full text of the interview can be found here


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The Chicago Chapter of ISSA is pleased to announce the 2023 Chicago CISO of the Year program!

Established in 2013, the program seeks to recognize outstanding Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) for the contributions they make to their organizations, the Information Security profession, and the local community. The award process is overseen by the Chicago CISO of the Year Program, a not-for-profit program supported by AITP Chicago and managed by local area security leader volunteers.

The program is now accepting nominations in the “ENTERPRISE” category (for CISOs from organizations with more than $4B USD in annual revenue) and the “MID-CAP” category (for those from organizations with less than $4B in annual revenue). Nomination is an open process that can be initiated by anyone with direct experience working with the nominee. Nominees are evaluated over a five month period by peer judges, culminating with a final interview and selection process completed by a panel of area CEOs.

We urge all members to nominate any deserving CISO they know, using the nomination form distributed by chapter members or downloadable from the AITP Chicago website at https://aitpchicago.com/resources/Documents/2023%20CotY%20Program%20Overview%20and%20Nomination%20Form.pdf. For more information, please ask your Chapter leadership or go to the program website at https://chicagocisooftheyear.com for more information.


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